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About Our Organization

The Fisk Foundation© is a 501c3 nonprofit organization created by Steven and Amanda Fisk. Our mission is to serve communities in need by hosting and participating in local charitable events and fundraisers, teaming up with local governments, businesses and other non-profit organizations for a bigger impact. As a brand new organization, we are eager to get established in our community and start giving back.

Our Story

“We wanted to give back to our community on a larger scale. So, we decided to create a nonprofit. Better yet, we decided to create a multi-purpose nonprofit that is equipped to meet more than just one type of need in our community.”

— Steven Fisk

Many nonprofit organizations target a specific type of need in their community. Some focus solely on providing food to the poor, hosting food drives and free meal events. Others focus on environmental impact, keeping the community looking beautiful by hosting cleanup days. Many focus on healthcare and fundraising for lower-income patients.

We focus on ALL. When we see a need, no matter what kind it may be, we want to meet that need. That is the mission of The Fisk Foundation — reaching out to communities in crisis, in all ways possible.

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Our Team

While our volunteers are the beating heart of The Fisk Foundation, our internal team serves as the brain. Our team is responsible for the planning, scheduling, networking, and day-to-day operations of the Foundation and ensure that everything continues to run smoothly.
Amanda Fisk

Amanda Fisk

Steven Fisk

Steven Fisk

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