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United Cajun Navy Fundraiser

Event Date
September 7, 2021
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In the wake of the catastrophic Hurricane Ida, The Fisk Foundation is asking everyone to join in making a difference for those affected. The lower bayou parishes of Louisiana are “uninhabitable”, 1 million people are without power, workers and helpers from all over the country are sleeping in their vehicles as they help in the relief efforts, and millions of people have lost many if not all of their personal belongings. Being a resident of southeast Louisiana during hurricane Katrina, my heart is simply broken for all of those effected. The process of recovering physically, mentally, financially, and emotionally from a catastrophic event like this is indescribable. With that being said, we are raising money to benefit United Cajun Navy, and any donation will help make an impact. Any funds raised will go directly to the Cajun Navy to help with their relief efforts. The Cajun Navy is ALWAYS one of the first to respond and most widespread outreach of people that come together to help in relief efforts for events like Ida.

More information about United Cajun Navy: “Helping people is what we do best! We provide assistance in all areas of natural disaster response, beginning with search and rescue. Relief and recovery assistance is then offered until there is no longer a need. We are still very active in relief and recovery efforts in the Carolina’s and Florida, following hurricane’s Florence and Michael.”

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